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E-Supervision of Graduate Students in Speech-Language Pathology: Preliminary Research Findings
School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Charles Carlin, The University of Akron
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provide real-time supervision to supervisees who are engaged in various clinical activities. More and more, higher education institutions are using e-supervision with their graduate students in order to gain access to clinical externships sites where onsite supervision is limited or non-existent. For the busy supervisor, e-supervision allows multiple individuals to be supervised without having to allocate time in the day for travel between observation sites. Currently, there is a lack of research in the field on supervisors' and graduate students' perceptions of e-supervision. The purpose of this pilot project was to identify perceptions of e-supervision when it was used with graduate students who were placed in hard-to-fill schools districts throughout Ohio. Supervisors kept supervision logs and participated in interviews. Preliminary data showed the participants generally felt the project was a success. The supervisors believed that the graduate students received an adequate amount of supervision, and this supervision was extended across a variety of professional activities. For the graduate students, they reported they felt fully supported during their placement, and e-supervision compared favorably to past face-to-face supervision experiences. Recommendations for future projects were provided by the participants in the study.
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Charles Carlin. "E-Supervision of Graduate Students in Speech-Language Pathology: Preliminary Research Findings" Vol. 2 (2012)
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