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Promising Practices in E-Supervision: Exploring Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Interns Perceptions
School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Charles Carlin, The University of Akron
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E-supervision has a potential role in addressing speech-language personnel shortages in rural and difficult to staff school districts. The purposes of this article are twofold: to determine how e-supervision might support graduate speech-language pathologist (SLP) interns placed in rural, remote, and difficult to staff public school districts; and, to investigate interns’ perceptions of in-person supervision compared to e-supervision. The study used a mixed methodology approach and collected data from surveys, supervision documents and records, and interviews. The results showed the use of e-supervision allowed graduate SLP interns to be adequately supervised across a variety of clients and professional activities in a manner that was similar to in-person supervision. Further, e-supervision was perceived as a more convenient and less stressful supervision format when compared to in-person supervision. Other findings are discussed and implications and limitations provided.
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Charles Carlin. "Promising Practices in E-Supervision: Exploring Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Interns Perceptions" Vol. 2 (2012)
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