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Application of the Analysis of Variance to Hemagglutination Titrations
Journal of Immunological Methods (1973)
  • Charles T. Ambrose, Harvard Medical School
  • Allan Donner

The serial dilutions commonly employed in hemagglutination titrations give end-points of low precision. This weakness can be overcome by performing sufficient observations to yield mean titers of the desired precision. Statistical analysis thus becomes an important part of experiments depending on this assay. Such analysis is needed not only to interpret objectively available data but also to design future experiments. These two interrelated matters are discussed in detail here but from an introductory level which requires no prior familiarity with statistics. Emphasized throughout this review paper the analysis of variance and the Dunnett multiple comparisons test.

  • Analysis of variance,
  • Hemagglutination titrations
Publication Date
October, 1973
Citation Information
Charles T. Ambrose and Allan Donner. "Application of the Analysis of Variance to Hemagglutination Titrations" Journal of Immunological Methods Vol. 3 Iss. 2 (1973)
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