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Ethical Concerns in Forensic Consultation Regarding National Safety and Security
Journal of Threat Assessment
  • Charles P. Ewing
  • Michael G. Gelles
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Psychologists and psychiatrists are frequently called upon to provide consultation in terrorism, espionage and/or intelligence cases involving the vital interests of the United States. Often these are cases in which the client is not the individual about whom advice is being sought but rather the military, a government intelligence agency, or law enforcement, and the consultant must act within parameters set by law and/or dictated by concerns for public safety or national security. In some of these cases, psychological and psychiatric consultants are asked to function in non-traditional roles that may conflict with the currently accepted ethical principles of their professions. This article explores some of the ethical dilemmas peculiar to consultations in this increasingly important context.
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Charles P. Ewing and Michael G. Gelles. "Ethical Concerns in Forensic Consultation Regarding National Safety and Security" Journal of Threat Assessment Vol. 2 Iss. 3 (2003) p. 95 - 107
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