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Article Key Concepts Factors Affecting Pronunciation Development
World Languages and Cultures Publications
  • Charles Nagle, Iowa State University
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As Derwing (2010) observed nearly ten years ago, one of the goals of pronunciation research is to identify how different aspects of second language (L2) speech develop over time, providing teachers with information on the pronunciation problems that will work themselves out, versus those that will likely pose an ongoing challenge. At the same time, research must account for the cognitive, socio-affective, and experiential variables that shape pronunciation learning outcomes (Moyer, 2014a, 2014b).


This manuscript is of an article by Nagle, C. Pronunciation for Key Concepts Factors Affecting Pronunciation Development. (August 2018); Posted with permission.

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Charles Nagle. " Key Concepts Factors Affecting Pronunciation Development" (2018)
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