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Self-Representation and the Use of Assigned, Standby and Amicus Counsel
Faculty Books
  • Charles C. Jalloh, Florida International University College of Law
The emergence of international criminal courts, beginning with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and including the International Criminal Court, has also brought an evolving international criminal procedure. In this book, the authors examine selected issues that reflect a blending of, or choice between, civil law and common law models of procedure. The topics include background on civil law and common law legal systems; plea bargaining; witness proofing; written and oral evidence; self-representation and the use of assigned, standby, and amicus counsel; the role of victims; and the right to appeal.
Publication Date
Edward Elgar
  • Criminal procedure,
  • International law
Citation Information

Charles C. Jalloh, Self-Representation and the Use of Assigned, Standby and Amicus Counsel, in Linda Carter and Fausto Pocar, eds., INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: THE INTERFACE OF CIVIL AND COMMON LAW LEGAL SYSTEMS (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2013) pp. 125-165