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Internal Consistency and Discriminant Validity of the Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-III.
International Journal of Neuroscience
  • G. Teichner
  • Charles J. Golden, Nova Southeastern University
  • J. D. Bradley
  • Thomas Crum, Mount Sinai Medical Center
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  • Adolescent,
  • Adult,
  • Aged,
  • Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery,
  • Middle Aged,
  • Reproducibility of Results.
This research presents data pertaining to the development of the recently revised Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-III. The final version of this test battery consists of 31 clinical scales yielding 35 scores. The battery was given to 109 non brain-injured controls and 119 brain-injured subjects. High internal consistency was demonstrated for each clinical scale. Results further indicated that the test battery was very effective at discriminating between normal and brain-injured subjects, as significant between-group differences on 33 of 35 scores were observed. Significant between-group differences were also observed on 25 of the 35 scores when age and education were covaried out of the analyses; those scales not displaying significant between-group differences generally measured very basic over-learned skills
Citation Information
G. Teichner, Charles J. Golden, J. D. Bradley and Thomas Crum. "Internal Consistency and Discriminant Validity of the Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-III." International Journal of Neuroscience Vol. 98 Iss. 1-2 (1998) p. 141 - 152 ISSN: 0020-7454
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