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Interpretation of VIQ-PIQ and Intersubtest Differences on the Spanish Version of the WAIS.
  • Y. I. Demsky
  • Carlton S. Gass
  • Charles J. Golden, Nova Southeastern University
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  • Adolescent,
  • Adult,
  • Hispanic Americans,
  • Humans,
  • Intelligence,
  • Middle Aged,
  • Psychometrics,
  • Psychomotor Performance,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Reference Values,
  • Reproducibility of Results,
  • Sampling Studies,
  • Translating,
  • Verbal Behavior,
  • Wechsler Scales
Although the Spanish version of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS; Escala de Inteligencia Wechsler para Adultos [EIWA]) is the most frequently used intellectual assessment for Spanish speaking clients in the United States, there is little information available on score differences necessary to establish reliable and abnormal differences between Performance IQ (PIQ) and Verbal IQ (VIQ), and between the various subtests of the EIWA. The present study, based on EIWA standardization data (N = 616 Puerto Ricans), reports reliability data and base rates to assist in evaluating the clinical significance of PIQ-VIQ differences. The results demonstrated substantial similarity between the EIWA and the English versions of the Wechsler tests. The interpretation of these differences is discussed, and tables are presented of statistically and clinically significant differences.
Citation Information
Y. I. Demsky, Carlton S. Gass and Charles J. Golden. "Interpretation of VIQ-PIQ and Intersubtest Differences on the Spanish Version of the WAIS." Assessment Vol. 5 Iss. 1 (1998) p. 25 - 30 ISSN: 1073-1911
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