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About Charis P. Kaite

Charis Kaite holds a PhD in Mental Health from Cyprus University of Technology, an MSc from Middlesex University (UK) and a BSc in Psychology from University of Crete. Charis Kaite has been: a) a research-fellow in the Research Unit of Behavior and Social Science Issues of University of Nicosia and b) of Cyprus University of Technology Nursing School and c) University of Cyprus (Nestor Research Team). Charis Kaite has been involved on many researches being funded by EU and other funders on HIV/AIDS, and other health issues, attended seminars and workshops as well being a trainer on combating HIV/AIDS workshops, is a member of CFPA. Charis Kaite has a selection of academic publications and is currently teaching Health Psychology at the Department of Nursing in CUT.


Present PhD, Cyprus University of Technology
Present Course instructor Health Psychology in Cyprus University of Technology, University of Cyprus

Curriculum Vitae

Overview of depression: epidemiology and implications for community nursing practice (1)

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