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Eliciting Citizens’ Participation for Incorporating Contextual Factors in Rural e-Governance Initiatives
ACIS 2011 Proceedings
  • Charru Malhotra, Indian Institute of Public Administration
  • V. M. Chariar, Centre for Rural Development and Technology IIT
  • L. K. Das, Instrument Design and Development Centre IIT
  • Girijia Krishnaswamy, Australian Catholic University, Curtin University
Publication Date
Participation in the processes related to e-Governance provides a sense of ownership to the citizens and helps enhance their cooperation in its implementation. However, little attempt has been made to elicit citizens’ participation whilst designing e-Governance initiatives in the rural areas resulting in the neglect of contextual factors in e-Governance initiatives. The present study attempts to evolve suitable mechanisms for eliciting citizens’ participation in rural e-Governance initiatives. Citizen Consultation Round (CCR) was conducted with the participation of 73 villagers from various Indian villages to identify the needs and expectations from Rural e-Governance initiatives (ReGI). To understand and incorporate the local concerns in ReGI, there is a need for the evolution of a series of collaborative and systematic mechanisms. Such an inclusive approach towards the design of ReGI is expected to make these initiatives more responsive to the contextual reality and hence instrumental in ushering rural development in developing economies.
Citation Information
Charru Malhotra, V. M. Chariar, L. K. Das and Girijia Krishnaswamy. "Eliciting Citizens’ Participation for Incorporating Contextual Factors in Rural e-Governance Initiatives" (2011)
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