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Riding the Wave: Open Access, Digital Publishing, and the Undergraduate Thesis
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  • Char Miller, Pomona College
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  • Open Access,
  • Undergraduate research,
  • Senior theses,
  • Pedagogy
Char Miller, W. M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis at Pomona College, Claremont, CA., gave the Opening Keynote for the USETDA 2013 Conference, July 24-26, held on the Claremont McKenna College and Scripps College campuses. In this keynote address, Dr. Miller discusses the importance of building the educational foundation to support students and then incorporate opportunities for undergraduates to share their research. Dr. Miller draws from his experience collaborating with librarians to integrate information literacy into the curriculum and requiring that all senior theses in the program be posted on the Claremont Colleges' Open Access institutional repository, Scholarship@Claremont.

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Char Miller. "Riding the Wave: Open Access, Digital Publishing, and the Undergraduate Thesis" (2013)
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