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Gifts from the Elders: Honouring the Past for a Healthier Tomorrow
  • Chantelle AM Richmond, Professor, The University of Western Ontario
  • James Fortier

“Gifts from the Elders” follows five Anishinaabe youth on a summer research project with their Elders, whose stories guide them on a journey back to proceeding generations that lived a healthy lifestyle off of the land. Their stories chronicle the devastating impact that environmental and cultural dispossession had on the flow of knowledge from Elders to youth, and ultimately on the health of their people. As their summer comes to an end, the youth emerge with “gifts” of knowledge and teachings from their Elders, inspiring a renewed determination to forge a hopeful and healthy future for the next generation.

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Chantelle AM Richmond and James Fortier. "Gifts from the Elders: Honouring the Past for a Healthier Tomorrow" (2013)
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