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Some Socio Economic Determinants of Fertility in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
  • Muhammad Irfan Chani
  • Muhammad Shahid
  • Mahboob Ul Hassan
This study aims to investigate the role that various socioeconomic factors like female education, urbanization and female labour force participation play in determining fertility of women in Pakistan. ARDL bound test approach to cointegration is used to analyze the long-run relationship of the variables by using the data for the period from 1980 to 2009. The empirical results show that there exists a long-run as well as short-run relationship between fertility and urbanization, female labour force participation and female education in Pakistan. The analysis indicates there is a negative relationship between all 3 determinants with fertility. Female education and urbanization play significant role in reducing fertility but the role of female participation in labor force seems to be insignificant for fertility reduction in Pakistan.
  • fertility; female education; population; female labour force participation; urbanization
Publication Date
May, 2012
Citation Information
Muhammad Irfan Chani, Muhammad Shahid and Mahboob Ul Hassan. "Some Socio Economic Determinants of Fertility in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis" ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF ECONOMIICS Iss. 05 (2012)
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