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Religious aspirations among urban Christians in urban Indonesia
International Sociology (2016)
  • Chang Yau HOON
Recognizing that the Christians in Indonesia are not a homogeneous group, this article examines
the various contested spiritual, social, and political aspirations of urban Christians in the contexts
of the historical trajectory of Indonesian modernity, forces of globalization and urbanization, the
role of capital, and the development of Islam – the indispensable religious ‘Other’ to this minority
religion in contemporary Indonesia. It sheds light on the ways in which this minority exercises
agency in using political participation and social activism as a counterbalance to the growing
Islamization of Indonesia, and how they strategically utilize their extensive economic, social, and
political capital to navigate the treacherous waters of rising religious intolerance in the country
where the world’s largest Muslim population resides.
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Chang Yau HOON. "Religious aspirations among urban Christians in urban Indonesia" International Sociology (2016)
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