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Mapping Chineseness on the landscape of Christian churches in Indonesia
Asian Ethnicity (2016)
  • Chang Yau HOON
Scholarship on the Chinese Indonesian community has largely been concerned with the tensions between the community and the majority non-Chinese (or pribumi). The fault lines were usually examined against the background of Suharto’s assimilation policy, the 1998 anti-Chinese riots, the stark imbalance of the nation’s wealth within this minority group, and Chinese loyalty – or chauvinism – in the time of nation-building, and in the face of the rise of modern China. Little attention has been given to Christianity as offering a shelter for the inconspicuous propagation of Chineseness; particularly in terms of the conduct of services in Chinese, the teaching of the language, and business-management leadership. The network of Chinese churches locally, and extending internationally beyond Indonesia, represents a rich field for further scholarship. This article sets out an epistemological map in the service of such research.
  • Chinese Indonesians,
  • Christianity,
  • Indonesia,
  • Chineseness,
  • identity,
  • religion
Publication Date
Summer March 28, 2016
Citation Information
Chang Yau HOON. "Mapping Chineseness on the landscape of Christian churches in Indonesia" Asian Ethnicity Vol. 17 Iss. 2 (2016) p. 228 - 247
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