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Characterization of Receptor Expression and Aberrant Gli2 Signaling in Osteosarcoma Cells
Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy 2018 Symposium (2018)
  • Chanelle Hunter, University of Central Florida
  • Erik Beadle, M.S., Vanderbilt University
  • Dr. Julie Sterling, Vanderbilt University
Osteosarcoma is the most prevalent primary bone tumor diagnosed in adolescents and young adults and is known for poor prognosis in late stages of detection. Although, there have been many advances in the development of chemotherapy, inhibitors, and combination therapy, there are few existing targeted therapies against the onset of osteosarcoma. Given the complex nature of the bone microenvironment in relation to tumor formation, it is necessary to gain insight into the molecular variations in activation, function, and regulation in order to identify and develop new methods of targeting and drug design. Our objective is to characterize the oncogenic pathway receptor expression for several osteosarcoma cell lines and determine if they are associated with and are capable of activating Gli2, a Hedgehog transcription factor. Gli2 is known to play a major role in the upregulation of downstream effectors leading to the formation of bone tumors, metastasis, and tumor induced bone disease. If this mechanism holds true in the onset of osteosarcoma, the pathway can be manipulated in order to decrease the onset of tumors and slow the breakdown of bone in aggressive osteosarcomas. A number of molecular biological techniques such as western blotting to determine protein expression, shRNA assays, and qPCR were utilized to gather quantitative analytical data. If successful, the findings of this study could allow for the development of new targeted therapeutics against major components of oncogenic pathways in osteosarcoma.
Publication Date
Summer August 2, 2018
Citation Information
Chanelle Hunter, Erik Beadle and Julie Sterling. "Characterization of Receptor Expression and Aberrant Gli2 Signaling in Osteosarcoma Cells" Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy 2018 Symposium (2018)
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