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Imaging with Focused Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation
Pulsed Power Conference (2009)
  • Shu Xiao, Old Dominion University
  • Chandra Bajracharya, Old Dominion University
  • C. E. Baum, Old Dominion University
  • Karl H. Schoenbach, Old Dominion University
We have explored the use of a focusing antenna for imaging of targets based on their dielectric properties. At the focal point of the antenna, metal targets with various sizes were placed. A sensor behind the target was used to detect the forward scattered signal. With this system, the minimum dimensions of a target that can be detected are 7 cm, which is on the order of the product of the pulse duration (200 ps) and the speed of light. Sensor placed at different locations was able to detect differences in scattered signals. This concept leads to an imaging system consisting of a focusing transmitter and a sensor array. This focusing transmitter has the ability to deliver high power pulses, which might even induce dielectric changes in the target. These changes could help to increase the sensitivity of the imaging method
  • Biomedical imaging,
  • Reflector antennas,
  • Sensor arrays,
  • Transmitters,
  • Ultra wideband antennas
Publication Date
June 28, 2009
Citation Information
Shu Xiao, Chandra Bajracharya, C. E. Baum and Karl H. Schoenbach. "Imaging with Focused Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation" Pulsed Power Conference (2009)
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