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Readily available acidity in schwertmannite
Goldschmidt Conference
  • Chamindra Vithana, Southern Cross University
  • Leigh A Sullivan, Southern Cross University
  • Richard T Bush, Southern Cross University
  • Edward D Burton, Southern Cross University
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Schwertmannite and jarosite are considered as less soluble ironhydroxy sulfate minerals which are present in highly acidic environments (pH < 3). These minerals release acidity in the long run as they weather by hydrolysis [1]. However, 1M KCl extraction of soil samples (Clarence and Quartz) spiked with those two minerals showed that schwertmannite has some acidity that may be readily available.
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Vithana, C, Sullivan, LA, Bush, RT & Burton, ED 2011, 'Readily available acidity in schwertmannite', paper presented to Goldschmidt Conference,Prague, Czech Republic, 14-19 August.