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FAPRI 2003 U.S. and World Agricultural Outlook
FAPRI Staff Reports
  • Bruce A. Babcock, Iowa State University
  • Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Iowa State University
  • Holger Matthey, Iowa State University
  • Murat Isik, Iowa State University
  • Simla Tokgoz, Iowa State University
  • Amani E. Elobeid, Iowa State University
  • Chad Hart, Iowa State University
  • Alexander E. Saak, Iowa State University
  • Frank Fuller, University of Arkansas
  • Karen Kovarik, Iowa State University
  • Abner W. Womack, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Robert E. Young, II, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Patrick C. Westhoff, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • D. Scott Brown, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Brian Willott, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Daniel Madison, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Seth Meyer, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • John Kruse, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Julian Binfield, University of Missouri - Columbia
Publication Date
Series Number
03-FSR 1
The FAPRI 2003 World Agriculture Outlook presents final projections of FAPRI's agricultural outlook on world agricultural production, consumption, and trade. FAPRI projections assume average weather patterns worldwide, existing policy, policy commitments under current trade agreements, and recent policy changes such as the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002. FAPRI projections do not include conjectures on potential policy changes such as the various proposals under consideration in the WTO Doha Round negotiations. The major macroeconomic drivers of the 2003 FAPRI baseline are the deepening crisis in Latin America,; full economic recovery in many countries in the next two years, and the U.S. dollar's mixed relative value on world markets.
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Iowa State University
Citation Information
Bruce A. Babcock, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Holger Matthey, Murat Isik, et al.. "FAPRI 2003 U.S. and World Agricultural Outlook" (2003)
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