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Turkey As A New Security Actor In The Middle East: Beyond The Slogans
Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs (2011)
  • Cengiz Dinc

The article argues that Turkish foreign policy has moved beyond slogans. An overview of Turkey’s relations with Syria, Iraq, Iran and Israel shows that Turkey is increasingly more relaxed, mature and flexible in its foreign policy, and is constantly enhancing its repertoire of policy tools. As far as security is concerned, relying mainly on soft power, Turkish strategy is closer to the European strategy in that it tries to look to the security of whole population groups and their general welfare. Turkey’s domestic transformation, consolidation of democracy and economic growth have been major factors in the formulation of this new foreign policy and in the emergence of Turkey as a trading power, stabilizing force and peace-promoter in the region. Nevertheless, it is also seen that Turkey is now mature enough to employ different strategies in its relations with regional actors and in dealing with security issues.

  • Turkey,
  • Middle East,
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
Publication Date
Summer 2011
Citation Information
Cengiz Dinc. "Turkey As A New Security Actor In The Middle East: Beyond The Slogans" Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs Vol. 16 Iss. 2 (2011)
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