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Isolation and Characterization of the Tricarboxylate Transporter from Pea Mitochondria
Plant Physiology (1992)
  • Cecilia McIntosh, University of Idaho
  • David J. Oliver, University of Idaho
The tricarboxylate transporter was solubilized from pea (Pisum sativum) mitochondria with Triton X-114, partially purified over a hydroxylapatite column, and reconstituted in phospholipid vesicles. The proteoliposomes exchanged external [14C]citrate for internal citrate or malate but not for preloaded d,l-isocitrate. Similarly, although external malate, succinate, and citrate competed with [14C]citrate in the exchange reaction, d,l-isocitrate and phosphoenolpyruvate did not. This tricarboxylate transporter differed from the equivalent activity from animal tissues in that it did not transport isocitrate and phosphoenolpyruvate. In addition, tricarboxylate transport in isolated plant mitochondria, as well as that measured with the partially purified and reconstituted transporter, was less active than the transporter isolated from animal tissues.
  • characterization,
  • isolation,
  • pea mitochondria,
  • pisum sativum,
  • tricarboxylate transporter
Publication Date
December 1, 1992
Citation Information
Cecilia McIntosh and David J. Oliver. "Isolation and Characterization of the Tricarboxylate Transporter from Pea Mitochondria" Plant Physiology Vol. 100 Iss. 4 (1992) p. 2030 - 2034 ISSN: 1532-2548
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