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Evaluating Local Health Department Disease Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research
  • Cezar Brian C Mamaril, University of Kentucky
A general theme is identified from the papers featured in this Frontiers of PHSSR issue by relating it to the evaluation of local health department (LHD) disease surveillance and investigation activities. The discussion focuses on how the studies in this issue contribute to the extant empirical PHSSR literature on disease surveillance and investigation by (1) highlighting the challenges and constraints to LHD preparedness capacity and response; (2) determining the level and variability among LHDs of implementing disease surveillance systems to help address the surveillance input constraints; and (3) considering the various evaluation methods for assessing LHD surveillance and investigation processes and infrastructure.
Citation Information
Mamaril CB. Evaluating local health department disease surveillance and epidemiologic investigation. Front Public Health Serv Sys Res 2015; 4(4):36–9. DOI: 10.13023/FPHSSR.0404.06.