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Purchasing From Minority Small Businesses
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  • Marc J Dollinger, Indiana University
  • Cathy A Enz, Cornell University
  • Catherine M Daily, Indiana University
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This article employs a transaction costs framework to analyze the problems of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) purchasing programs. The results from field surveys of small minority firms and corporate purchasing personnel indicate that program participants face differences in transaction costs and in their preferences of ways to overcome these costs. In the majority of situations, minority firms face higher transaction costs than do their corporate purchasing counterparts. The article offers recommendations for improving the performance of MBE purchasing programs, and the policy implications for these programs are discussed.

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Dollinger, M. J., Enz, C. A., & Daily, C. M. (1991). Purchasing from minority small businesses [Electronic version]. International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, 27(2), 9-14.

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