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Teaching in Context
  • Stephen Dinham
  • Catherine Scott

In the time it takes to school a single generation, the Australian education system has undergone remarkable change. Shifts in education methodology; fallout from political, social and economic fluctuations; a complete rethink of teacher training; different student profiles; changing class sizes a variety of internal and external factors have transformed the system, or context, in which teachers work. Teaching In Context is for those confronted with this new paradigm. It charts the recent shifts in Australian education, focusing specifically on their implications for teachers. Incorporating up-to-date research and bringing together perspectives from 15 educational professionals, it provides insight into the contemporary issues facing educators, including: an increased push for professional development; pressures faced by new teachers, and how their induction can be made easier; the notion of students at risk; the role of gender in academic success; and the paradoxical loss of teacher status alongside growing expectations of their role. Providing valuable insight into the context of teaching, this book will be appreciated by teachers beginning and experienced, and teacher educators alike.

Publication Date
January 1, 2000
S Dinham & C Scott
ACER Press
Citation Information
Stephen Dinham and Catherine Scott. Teaching in Context. Melbourne(2000)
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