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Designing professional development in literacy : a framework for effective instruction
  • Catherine A. Rosemary, John Carroll University
  • Kathleen A. Roskos, John Carroll University
  • Leslie K. Landreth

This highly practical guide is grounded in the authors' experience setting up and running a successful professional development program to improve K-3 reading instruction. The book systematically describes how professional development works: how sessions are organized, what they contain, routines and procedures, and the roles of each participant. Teacher educators, literacy specialists, and coaches also get invaluable information on the nuts and bolts of accountability, management, resource allocation, and reporting to multiple audiences. Many specific illustrations and examples are included, as are sample forms and other planning materials that can be adapted to the needs of particular schools, districts, or states. Included in the table of contents are a foreword by Ronald Gallimore; an introduction; and the following nine chapters: (1) Tenets; (2) Foundations; (3) Organization; (4) Implementation; (5) Professional Development into Practice; (6) Coaching to Improve Practice; (7) Accountability and Other Practical Matters; (8) Research on the Model, appended with "Going Live with Martin: Inside Session"; and concluding with chapter (9) Teaching Oral Language, appended with "Going Live with Stephanie: Inside Session 5, Acknowledging Curriculum Expectations." This book may serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses such as Principles of Staff Development, Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs, and Leadership and Professional Development.

Publication Date
Guilford Press
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Catherine A. Rosemary, Kathleen A. Roskos and Leslie K. Landreth. Designing professional development in literacy : a framework for effective instruction. New York(2007)
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