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Intentional Teaching Through the Use of Protocols and Thinking Routines
Lilly Conference (2016)
  • Catherine L. Meyer-Looze, grand
Participants in this session will be guided into planning for purposeful and intentional teaching practice. This will occur, first, through identifying what it is the students in a classroom are to know, understand, and be able to do, and the importance of sharing these learning targets.  Then, the participants will explore different tools including protocols and thinking routines to meet (and exceed) the purposeful learning intentions.  Lastly, the participants will reflect how these tools and strategies will help to increase the rigor or cognitive complexity in their own classrooms.
  • teaching effectiveness,
  • thinking routines,
  • higher education,
  • protocols
Publication Date
Fall October 20, 2016
Traverse City, Michigan
Citation Information
Catherine L. Meyer-Looze. "Intentional Teaching Through the Use of Protocols and Thinking Routines" Lilly Conference (2016)
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