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Innovation and accreditation: A quality improvement process
Teaching and Learning in Nursing (2021)
  • Katrice Ziefle, St. Catherine University
  • Kara Koschmann, St. Catherine University
  • Renee Colsch, St. Catherine University
  • Jill Campbell, St. Catherine University
  • Catherine Graeve, St. Catherine University
Nursing program accreditation often has limited faculty engagement. This quality improvement project, implemented at a private university in the Midwestern United States, utilized innovative solutions including accreditation program champions and a learning management system to enhance faculty engagement in the accreditation process. Accreditation encompassed seven programs at three program degree levels: undergraduate, masters and doctorate. A survey measured overall engagement as well as the usefulness of accreditation program champions and the learning management system to improve engagement. Results showed increased faculty knowledge, professional development, and motivation in the accreditation process. Increased engagement not only accomplishes the work more efficiently, but also improves faculty knowledge of the process and preparation for the accreditation site visit.
  • accreditation,
  • education in nursing,
  • site visit
Publication Date
Spring April 28, 2021
Citation Information
Katrice Ziefle, Kara Koschmann, Renee Colsch, Jill Campbell, et al.. "Innovation and accreditation: A quality improvement process" Teaching and Learning in Nursing (2021)
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