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Pseudodefinite Fields, Procyclic Fields and Model-Completion
Quantitative Health Sciences Publications and Presentations
  • Allan Adler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Catarina I. Kiefe, University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
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Mathematical Concepts; Models, Theoretical
In this paper, it is shown that the theory of pseudofinite fields is, with respect to a suitable language, the model completion of the theory of procyclic fields. Also, procyclic fields are characterized as the class of relatively algebraically closed subfields of pseudofinite fields.
Kiefe C and Adler A. Pseudofinite fields, procyclic fields and model-completion. Pacific Journal of Mathematics. 62:305-309, 1976. Link to article on publisher's website
Citation Information
Allan Adler and Catarina I. Kiefe. "Pseudodefinite Fields, Procyclic Fields and Model-Completion" Vol. 62 Iss. 2 (1976)
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