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Best Practices for Music Cataloging: Using RDA and MARC21, Version 1.1
  • Casey Mullin, Western Washington University
The RDA Music Implementation Task Force was formed in September 2011. Its charge comprises several tasks, three of which are fulfilled in the present document:

1. Create music-related best practices documentation to supplement Resource Description and Access (RDA).

2. Make recommendations regarding the relationship between the MLA music-related best practices document and other official RDA policies such as the Library of Congress/Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS) and other decisions disseminated by PCC.

3. Create complete examples for scores, audio recordings, musical works, and musical expressions.

Note: for versions later than 1.1, the content in this document is maintained within the RDA Toolkit, and no longer as a stand-alone document. A supplemental document containing full record examples and other content is maintained as a text document, updated regularly, and is available here.

  • Music cataloging
Publication Date
February 17, 2015
Prepared by the RDA Music Implementation Task Force, Bibliographic Control Committee, Music Library Association
Citation Information
Casey Mullin. "Best Practices for Music Cataloging: Using RDA and MARC21, Version 1.1" (2015)
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