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About Carter Dillard

Having children is the most influential thing the majority of people will ever do. Unlike most of the things we do in our day-to-day lives, when we create someone we define that person’s life to come, influence others with whom the new person interacts, and unavoidably change the nonhuman environment. I study what justifies people influencing the lives of other people in this way, or the moral and legal rights to have children, and implications those rights have for the children born, society, and the nonhuman world.


Present Visiting Scholar, University of Oxford

Curriculum Vitae

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Constitutional Law, Reproductive Rights, and the Nonhuman Environment (9)

Animal Law (4)

International Law (1)

Environmental and political theory (2)

Land Use Planning (1)

Human Rights Law (3)

Law and Society (1)

Environmental Law (3)