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Creative Community Policing Initiatives in Columbia, South Carolina
Policing and Community Partnerships (2002)
  • carroy u ferguson, UMASS Boston
This timely book is a virtual "how to" manual to help guide the promotion of public safety and the quality of life in American neighborhoods by law enforcement agencies. It reflects a fundamental shift from traditional, reactive policing to priorities of prevention through community partnerships. Attempts to bring agencies closer to developing a "best" model that can at the same time be a successful classroom tool. Offers a comprehensive literature search—includes explanations and links to a practical and theoretical community policing rationale. Presents varied models of community policing and training programs, unlike other books which focus exclusively on large departments with many resources such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. Provides information on how to write grant proposals for securing federal and local funds to build community policing programs. A valuable tool for justice and law enforcement professionals.
  • Community Policing; Law; Sociology; Criminal Justice; Justice; Community Relations; Social Psychology; Psychology
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Dennis Stevens
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carroy u ferguson. "Creative Community Policing Initiatives in Columbia, South Carolina" Upper Saddle RiverPolicing and Community Partnerships (2002)
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