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Archetypal Energies and The Four Faces of Romantic Relationships
AHP Perspective (2005)
  • carroy u ferguson
All relationships are valuable learning experiences. They are mirrors to assist us in our various Earth lessons. As mirrors, relationships, particularly romantic or intimate relationships, reflect to a large extent energies that are going on inside of us. At much deeper levels, these energies are what I call our authentic Archetypal Energies. Over the years, I have come to recognize at least twenty-five of these primary Archetypal Energies, each with a unique function and purpose for our human experience. I use easily recognized terms to evoke a common sense of these energies. Love, for example, is one of these deeper Archetypal Energies, which has its own transcendent value, purpose, quality, and “voice” unique to the individual. When we say, “I love you” to another, for example, what we really mean is, “when I’m in your presence, I’m in touch with the deeper Love inside of me.” The primary barrier to being in touch with these deeper energies when in the presence of another, romantically or otherwise, is fear—fear of intimacy, closeness, or vulnerability. It is important, therefore, to be “open” to various “forms” of relationships, including the many faces of romantic relationships.
  • Consciousness; Human & Race Relations; Empowerment; Psychology of Self; Perception; Perspectives; Evolution; Culture
Publication Date
Winter January, 2005
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carroy u ferguson. "Archetypal Energies and The Four Faces of Romantic Relationships" AHP Perspective (2005)
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