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Other Media Style Guidelines for Responsible & Respectful Representations of Animals
  • Carrie P Freeman
  • Debra Merskin, University of Oregon
This open access resource at provides a practical guide for media practitioners in journalism, public relations, advertising, and entertainment (TV and film), as well as the public. It explains why the representation of nonhuman animals and their issues (including the environment) matters to protecting animals in the real world, and provides a list of guidelines and suggested terminology for respectful and responsible coverage/representation of nonhuman animals. Please promote its use by media practitioners. It includes a list of experts that journalists and documentary filmmakers can use as sources who can speak on behalf of various animal species so that their perspectives and interests can be included in stories that affect them.
  • media,
  • journalism,
  • animals,
  • coverage,
  • representation,
  • news sources,
  • social responsibility,
  • advertising,
  • entertainment,
  • public relations
Publication Date
There is a corresponding social media page with updated posts of current examples (good and bad) of media coverage of animals
Citation Information
Carrie P Freeman and Debra Merskin. " Media Style Guidelines for Responsible & Respectful Representations of Animals" (2014)
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