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Sense of Place in the Daily Newspaper
Aether: The Journal of Media Geography (2009)
  • Carrie Buchanan, John Carroll University
The daily newspaper in North America has long been a locally based medium, which offers an opportunity to media geographers to explore concepts of place and locality, and how they have changed over time. This article explores how newspapers create a sense of place about the locality they serve. It reviews some of the major geographic theories of place and the local, as well as the work of communications scholars on how newspapers construct reality in their pages. It applies these ideas to the notion that newspapers construct a sense of place, using both the form and the content of the newspaper.
  • newspapers,
  • sense of place,
  • local news
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Carrie Buchanan. "Sense of Place in the Daily Newspaper" Aether: The Journal of Media Geography Vol. 4 (2009) p. 62 - 84
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