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About Carolyn Hastie

Carolyn Hastie RM, RN, IBCLC, Cert Reproductive and Sexual Health (FPA WA) PGDip Primary Health Care (UCQ), MPhil Midwifery (UoN)
PhD Candidate.
Carolyn Hastie is a midwife and general registered nurse with qualifications in adult education, counselling, lactation, primary health care, reproductive and sexual health. Carolyn is the Senior Midwifery Advisor for NT Department of Health. She has had extensive midwifery experience in diverse settings, both nationally and internationally. Carolyn has worked in private practice and commissioned and managed a stand alone birth centre in NSW. Her previous academic experience includes appointments with Southern Cross Univeristy, the University of Newcastle, Canberra University and Pacific Adventist University in PNG. Her research interests include teamwork, interprofessional collaboration, role of environment on human behaviour, clinical supervision, primary health care antenatal groups, midwifery care in labour, second and third stages of labour, emotional intelligence, leadership and perinatal psychology.


Present Midwife, Private Practice

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Independent Scholar and Consultant Midwife
Northern Rivers NSW
M: (+61 ) 418428430


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