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Trekking Through Autoethnography
Qualitative Research: An Introduction to Methods and Designs (2011)
  • Carolyn S Ellis, University of South Florida
  • Tony Adams

The authors—noted scholars and researchers—provide an up-to-date guide to qualitative study design, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Step by step, the authors explain a range of methodologies and methods for conducting qualitative research focusing on how they are applied when conducting an actual study. The book includes methods of data collection, specific approaches to qualitative research, and current issues in the field. Specifically, chapters cover the methods, designs, and analyses related to the methodologies of history, case study, program evaluation, ethnography, autoethnography, narrative, life histories, emancipatory discourses, feminist perspectives, African American inquiry, indigenous studies, and practitioner qualitative research.

  • Ethonography,
  • Autoethnography,
  • Narrative,
  • Life Histories,
  • Methodologies of History,
  • Qualitative Study Design,
  • Qualitative Research,
  • Qualitative,
  • Data Collection
Publication Date
Stephen D. Lapan, MaryLynn Quartaroli, Frances Julia Riemer
Citation Information
Carolyn S Ellis and Tony Adams. "Trekking Through Autoethnography" Qualitative Research: An Introduction to Methods and Designs (2011)
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