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Relational Bonding Under the Sukkah and in Oral History Pre-Interviews
Oral History: Understanding Qualitative Research (2011)
  • Carolyn S Ellis, University of South Florida
  • Tori Lockler, University of South Florida
  • Ellen Klein, University of South Florida

Oral History is part of the Understanding Qualitative Research series, which is designed to provide researchers with authoritative guides to understanding, presenting, and critiquing analyses and associated inferences. There are three subareas in this series: Quantitative Research, Measurement, and Qualitative Research. This volume fits in the Qualitative Research group and addresses issues surrounding oral history - how to both fully and succinctly report and present this material, as well as the challenges of evaluating it.

  • Oral History,
  • History,
  • Qualitative History,
  • Qualitative,
  • Sukkah,
  • Interviewing,
  • Interviews,
  • Qualitative Research
Publication Date
Patricia Leavy
Oxford University Press
Citation Information
Carolyn S Ellis, Tori Lockler and Ellen Klein. "Relational Bonding Under the Sukkah and in Oral History Pre-Interviews" OxfordOral History: Understanding Qualitative Research (2011)
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