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Employment Law
Continuing Legal Education Materials
  • Matthew R. Westfall, Westfall, Talbott & Woods
  • Alvin L. Goldman, University of Kentucky College of Law
  • Jon L. Fleishaker, Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs
  • Carl B. Boyd, Jr., Sheffer, Hoffman, Neel, Wilson and Thomason
  • Marvin L. Coan, Hummel and Coan
  • Carolyn S. Bratt, University of Kentucky College of Law
  • Michael W. Hawkins, Dinsmore & Shohl
  • Richard C. Stephenson, Stoll, Keenon & Park
  • Dorothy M. Pitt
  • Paul H. Tobias, Tobias & Kraus
  • Judith B. Hoge
Outlines of speaker presentations at the Employment Law Seminar held by UK/CLE on January 22-23, 1988.
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Employment Law (Office of Continuing Legal Education at the University of Kentucky College of Law ed., 1988).

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, Matthew R. Westfall, Alvin L. Goldman, Jon L. Fleishaker, et al.. Employment Law. (1988)
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