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About Carolyn Haug

I became interested in measurement and evaluation when I worked as a program evaluator for the legislature after getting my bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. After experiencing survey, statistical, and policy analysis work for a few years, I returned to graduate school to formally study educational research and program evaluation methods. As a doctoral student in the Research and Evaluation Methodology program at UCB, I was awarded an NSF/AERA evaluation internship, which provided me with the opportunity to conduct a formative evaluation of a national network of university mathematicians and mathematics educators. My dissertation topic was the impact of standards-based mathematics reform on Colorado classrooms and its dependence on local capacity within schools. 
After completing my doctorate, I took a position as the lead psychometrician for the Colorado Department of Education and later was promoted to director of assessment responsible for the development and implementation of the Colorado student assessment system, including CSAP, the Colorado ACT, and Colorado NAEP. During this time, issues of measurement and program evaluation were of great interest to me because of the many school accountability measures being created from CSAP scores and it became apparent that research was needed about the validity of assessment scores for multiple purposes.

After gaining further large-scale assessment experience working with a national test development company, I spent several years working with local school districts as an assessment and research director, and this work provided me with the opportunity to work directly with teachers on issues of classroom assessment and the appropriate use of all levels of student achievement data.

In 2008, I came to the University of Colorado Denver as a research faculty member focusing on issues of measurement, assessment, and educational program evaluation. My work has included outreach and support to Colorado school districts and state educational organizations and participation in the Laboratory for Educational Assessment, Research, and InnovatioN (LEARN). This has focused on conducting primary research, providing technical assistance to local education agencies, and supporting the development of graduate students to become leaders in research on assessment and evaluation.

In 2011, I assumed the role of Executive Director of Accreditation and Program Effectiveness and responsibilities for overseeing all national accreditation and state reauthorization work for the SEHD. From 2011 through 2016, I have led the schoolwide efforts in our Transformation Initiative accreditation pathway for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, which has been an early-adopter model for an outcomes-based accreditation model. An outcome of particular interest and which has been an area of recent research for me is teacher motivation to persist in the profession.


Present Executive Director of Accreditation and Program Effectiveness & Associate Resarch Professor, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • 2006 | Significant Contribution to Education Measurement and Research Methodology Award
  • 1996 | Dean’s Small Grant Award | School of Education | University of Colorado Boulder
  • 1994-1995 | Evaluation Internship | American Educational Research Association and National Science Foundation
  • 1994 | Acceptance to the Institute on Statistical Analysis for Education Policy | American Educational Research Association
  • 1985 | Acceptance to University of Colorado at Boulder Chapter of the Golden Key Honor Society | Golden Key International Honor Society


  • RSEM 5080: Research in Schools (Instructor)
  • EDUC 5716: Basic Statistics (Teaching Assistant)
  • EDUC 7316: Intermediate Statistics (Instructor)
  • EDUC 7316: Intermediate Statistics (Teaching Assistant)
  • EDUC 7326: Experimental Design (Teaching Assistant)
  • RSEM 7010: Educational Assessment & Measurement (Instructor)
  • RSEM 7500 Special Topics: Educational Assessment & Measurement (Instructor)
  • RSEM 7500 Special Topics: Introduction to Program Evaluation (Instructor)
  • RSEM 7050 Special Topics: Program Evaluation (Instructor)
  • RSEM 7110: Intermediate Statistics (Instructor)


1999 University of Colorado Boulder ‐ Educational Research and Evaluation Methodology
1987 University of Colorado Boulder ‐ Applied Mathematics (Major) | Industrial Engineering (Minor)

Contact Information

P.O. BOX 173364, CAMPUS BOX 106
DENVER, CO 80217-3364