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Reaping the benefits - How local governments gain from IWRM
  • D Cox
  • K Van Nierkerk
  • V Govender
  • B Anton
  • S Smits
  • Caroline A Sullivan, Southern Cross University
  • E Chonguica
  • F Monggawe
  • L Nyagwambo
  • R Pule
  • M Berraondo
  • Muriel Bonjean

The set of materials entitled “Local Government and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)” aims to assist Local Governments with active participation in IWRM. The information provided addresses both the theory and practice of developing and implementing a process through which the IWRM principles of social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability can be applied.

The materials are primarily targeted at Local Government officials, but are considered equally useful for individuals and organisations that work with Local Governments in the management

of water resources.

The IWRM set of materials consists of the following four parts:

Part I: Reaping the Benefits – How Local Governments Gain from IWRM

Part II: Understanding the Context – The Role of Local Government in IWRM

Part III: Engaging in IWRM – Practical Steps and Tools for Local Governments

Part IV: Making Water Work for Local Governments – Ten Top Tips for Integration in Water


The materials are an output of LoGo Water1, a research project aimed at improving the capacity of Local Governments to implement IWRM, thus contributing to the achievement of waterrelated Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The complete set is available to download from

Publication Date
January 1, 2008
Citation Information
Cox, D, Van Nierkerk, K, Govender, V, Anton, B, Smits, S, Sullivan, CA, Chonguica, E, Monggae, F, Nyagwambo, L, Pule, R, Berraondo, M & Bonjean, M 2008, Reaping the benefits - How local governments gain from IWRM, ICLEI Africa, Cape Town, South Africa.