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Career Intentions of Nursing Students and New Nurse Graduates: A Review of the Literature
International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship (2009)
  • Laureen J Hayes, University of Toronto
  • Carole A Orchard, University of Western Ontario
  • Linda McGillis Hall, University of Toronto
  • Vera Nincic, University of Toronto
  • Linda O'Brien-Pallas, University of Toronto
  • Gavin Andrews, McMaster University

This paper highlights findings from a literature search to examine the role of nursing education in preparing nurses to meet healthcare demands. The review focused on nursing students’ perceptions of nursing and whether these views change during their nursing studies and impact workplace preferences. Nursing students often enter their program with preconceived ideas of where they want to work following graduation. Large urban hospitals were favored over community care because of the perceived opportunities for support. Of particular importance were the negative views relating to care of elderly patients. Unless attitudes are changed during their nursing studies, they may affect initial job selection. Implications for nursing education include provision of educational experiences that foster an optimistic career outlook in areas where there is a growing need for nursing services. More research is needed to determine how to enable appropriate learning experiences when there are limited resources and practice placements.

  • nursing education,
  • career intentions,
  • new nurse graduates,
  • student to nurse transition
Publication Date
March 10, 2009
Citation Information
Laureen J Hayes, Carole A Orchard, Linda McGillis Hall, Vera Nincic, et al.. "Career Intentions of Nursing Students and New Nurse Graduates: A Review of the Literature" International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship Vol. 3 Iss. 1 (2009)
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