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User-Centred Library Websites: Usability evaluation methods
  • Carole A. George, Carnegie Mellon University
More frequently than ever before, students, faculty and others are accessing the resources of college and university libraries using the library’s website. For that reason it is of immediate importance to be certain that the website and other digital interfaces or website pages are easy to use and understand by the users. This is referred to as a user-centred website. Involving users in the process of website design and development is the best method of ensuring that the website is user-centred. This book covers methods that can be used to gather feedback from users of your website about the organisation, navigation, terminology and general usability of a website. This book is a guide to usability evaluation techniques that are employed to design a user-centred website. This book will guide you through the usability evaluation methods from the early stages of design to the late stages of testing a finished website. It will help you to determine which evaluation method will provide you with the best feedback at every stage of the development and design or redesign cycle of your website. It will help you to understand the evaluation methods, prepare for the session, recruit participants, facilitate the session, analyse the results, and write the report. With feedback from the targeted users, you will learn whether they can understand your terminology, navigate your site, and find the information that you provide. Examples are provided to help you with the letters, emails, forms and questionnaires that you might need. By involving the target users in the development and evaluation of your website throughout the design and development cycle, you will be better prepared to design a user-centred website that your users will continue to use to access your information resources.
  • usability testing,
  • usability evaluation,
  • participatory design,
  • affinity diagram,
  • website,
  • website testing,
  • website design,
  • user feedback
Publication Date
Chandos Publishing
978 1 84334 359 2
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Carole A. George. User-Centred Library Websites: Usability evaluation methods, Chapter 4 excerpt. Oxford, UK: Chandos Publishing, 2008. Available at: