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Unpublished Paper
University of Akron Student Journal Reading Patterns
  • Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Lei Wu
  • Xiang Zhou
  • Kitty McClanahan
  • Max Steele
  • Natalie Clewell
  • Donald W. King

This report is a factual analysis of the results of the University of Akron survey of students, conducted in October and November 2005 (see Appendix for the Questionnaire.) A comparison of this report with Tenopir & King survey data of other U.S. universities is not yet included, but further comparisons, both with the other Ohio universities, universities in Australia, and the University of Tennessee, will be included in subsequent articles for publication. This report is for the internal use of Akron library personnel, as well as for the preparation of presentations and journal articles.

Publication Date
July 11, 2006
Citation Information
Carol Tenopir, Lei Wu, Xiang Zhou, Kitty McClanahan, et al.. "University of Akron Student Journal Reading Patterns" (2006)
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