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Unpublished Paper
The Value of CSA Deep Indexing for Researchers (Executive Summary)
prepared for CSA (2006)
  • Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Robert Sandusky
  • Margaret Casado

In 2005-2006 CSA developed a new “deep indexing” method to extract tables and figures from journal articles, index each table and figure, provide a retrieval method to locate tables and figures or complete articles that contain relevant figures or tables, and link them back to the article. A prototype Tables & Figures index of approximately 300,000 objects was made available for testing on the CSA Illumina Web-based platform in April 2006. The Tables & Figure index prototype was particularly strong in its coverage of biological, environmental, and aquatic sciences.

Publication Date
October, 2006
Citation Information
Carol Tenopir, Robert Sandusky and Margaret Casado. "The Value of CSA Deep Indexing for Researchers (Executive Summary)" prepared for CSA (2006)
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