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Innovative Strategies for Nursing Education with the Electronic Health Record.
Cerner Healthcare Conference
  • Carol S Sternberger, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Beth Kaskel, Indiana University-Purdue Unviersity Fort Wayne
  • Linda Meyer, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Tammy Toscos, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
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Cerner Healthcare Conference
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Kansas City, MO
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Ever-changing technological advances in healthcare have challenged nursing faculty to design curricula that will produce graduates who are not only comfortable using technology, but more importantly, possess the ability to interpret, analyze and synthesize clinical data that are stored in electronic health records (EHRs). Federal mandates put forth through the HITECH Act, 2009 require all health care institutions to fully adopt EHRs by the year 2014. This transition will lead to changes in the way nurses practice, making it important for educators to provide nursing students with the necessary informatics skills to provide safe and high quality care. Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)/Parkview Department of Nursing seeks to be a driving force in preparing nurses who are proficient in the use of electronic documentation. To support this aim, we adopted Cerner’s Academic Education Solution (AES) as a framework for undergraduate and graduate informatics pedagogy. In our talk we will present the implementation strategies we used across five undergraduate nursing courses at IPFW including Communications in the Healthcare Setting, Nursing Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical Nursing of Adults, Psychiatric/Mental Health, and Maternity Nursing. The integration plan from program curricula to course level will be shared and select artifacts will be showcased. We will summarize the evolution of our process for orienting students and faculty to the use of Cerner AES. Successful efforts to secure internal university grants and federal monies to fund the faculty development time needed for course redesign and related capital expenditures are included in our discussion. The presentation will conclude with overview of our future plans to use Cerner AES in our graduate program, including interdisciplinary collaboration.
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Carol S Sternberger, Beth Kaskel, Linda Meyer and Tammy Toscos. "Innovative Strategies for Nursing Education with the Electronic Health Record." Cerner Healthcare Conference (2010)
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