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About Carol L. Silva

My research interests are in the intersection of a set of theoretical and methodological social science issues. The theoretical puzzles in social valuation generally, and the translation of social valuation into technological and environmental choice, are of substantial and continuing interest. As a necessary component of environmental and scientific policy decision making, I have also focused extensively on theories of risk perception. The empirical underpinnings of both valuation and risk perception research are grounded in applied survey research methodologies. The specific topics of research interest include: environmental politics and policy; science and technology policy; contingent valuation methodology; policy analysis; cost benefit analysis; risk analysis and assessment; and gender and risk perception.


Present Associate Director, Center for Applied Social Research, University of Oklahoma
Present Associate Professor, Political Science, Policy Studies Organization

Research Interests

Environmental policy, Public opinion, and Science and technology policy

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Contact Information

455 West Lindsey Street
Room 205
Norman, OK 73019-2001