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Rhetoric and the AIDS Virus Hunt
Quarterly Journal of Speech
  • Carol Reeves, Butler University
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By comparing the papers produced by the laboratory teams of Robert Gallo and Jean Luc Montagnier during the AIDS virus hunt, we have an opportunity to discern the fine line between a bold, explicit rhetoric that may convince as well as offend and a bald, reserved rhetoric that may actually conceal important implications. Going too far in either direction may create misunderstandings and ethical dilemmas as will be demonstrated in a textual analysis deepened by an exploration of historical context and interviews with key participants. Since a public health crisis calls upon communication that thwarts misunderstandings, scientists should understand the nuances of particular contexts and the blessings and banes of specific rhetorics employed in those contexts.

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Carol Reeves. "Rhetoric and the AIDS Virus Hunt" Quarterly Journal of Speech Vol. 84 Iss. 1 (1998) p. 1 - 22
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