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Spanish and Mamluk Carpets: Comparisons of Decoration and Structure
Ghereh (Turin, Italy) (2004)
  • Carol Bier, The Textile Museum

Two recent exhibitions, Carpets of Andalusia and Mamluk Rugs from Egypt, at The Textile Museum afforded a rare opportunity to compare two radically different rug-weaving traditions from the perspectives of design and weave structure. While not often evident to the casual viewer, there is a significant relationship between design, pattern, and weave structure in all Oriental carpets. The opportunity to explore such differences warrants careful examination and critical viewing.The Mamluk rugs all probably date from the last quarter of the 15th century. They comprise a cohesive group defined by color, a geometric style, and similarity of weave characteristics.

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Carol Bier. "Spanish and Mamluk Carpets: Comparisons of Decoration and Structure" Ghereh (Turin, Italy) Vol. 36 (2004)
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