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Carpets and History
Saudi Aramco World (1989)
  • Carol Bier, The Textile Museum

The story of Western trade with Persia in textiles and carpets casts a fascinating light on the exciting, sometimes turbulent history of the centuries following Europe's Age of Exploration. The intense commercial and political rivalries of European mercantile expansion during the 400-year period from about 1500 to 1900 is revealed both by official historical documents - treaties, royal decrees and contracts - and by more personal ones, such as the reports of traveling merchants. Through the details of production and trade that these documents contain, we can view textiles and carpets as key commodities in the international marketplace.

  • carpets,
  • history,
  • diplomacy,
  • East India Company,
  • Shah Abbas,
  • Iran,
  • Safavid
Publication Date
May, 1989
Citation Information
Carol Bier. "Carpets and History" Saudi Aramco World Vol. 40 Iss. 3 (1989)
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