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Writing for Academe: A Series on Dialogue, Mentoring, and Motivation
Inside Higher Ed Online (2010)
  • Carmen Werder, Western Washington University
given how fraught writing for publication can be, it's understandable for faculty to perceive the process as dehumanizing. Even soul-crunching, as one of our colleagues lamented.

College and university faculty advance through the academic review process in large part by developing personal habits and skills as writers. This expectation holds true not only at large research universities, but also on campuses like Western Washington University, where we experience the ongoing challenge of writing to meet criteria for department, college, and university reviews.
  • Writing for publication,
  • Academic review process
Publication Date
September, 2010
Publisher Statement
This article was part of a series of eight columns running 10 September2010 through January 2011.
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Carmen Werder. "Writing for Academe: A Series on Dialogue, Mentoring, and Motivation" Inside Higher Ed Online (2010)
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